About Us

Lion International

Lion International U.K (M.E.) Limited – incorporated in 1998 as a major company of welding equipments, consumables in UK. The aim is to establish a worldwide reputation for its quality products. The logo WORLDWIDE – WORLD CLASS has been a driving force behind the philosophy of developing its quality products to serve the industry in many parts of the world.

During a short span of time, LION products have gained a good reputation in world market and has a strong presence in the Middle East. All LION products are manufactured under strict quality controls and complying to the Q.A. system under ISO-9001/ ISO-14001 and other related standards. We have associated with manufacturers in U.K., USA, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Turkey & China, to produce world class quality satisfying the needs of our esteemed customers all over the world. With a strong marketing strategy, these products are finding new markets and penetrating multiple industrial sectors world over. Our distributor network is expanding to reach the end-users – large and small alike. With a vast range of products covering every welding and cutting process and application, LION has become an internationally reliable partner of growth with Quality Welding Solutions.

Sustainable Development

Our emphasis on Sustainable development is to ensure that all our products meet the requirements Health & Safety issues are very critical for all welding processes, so LION has always ensured to launch flawless and safe-to-use products. Our sustainability vision for LION as a worldwide leaders in welding technology is to be a useful contributor to local and global economy, to continuously grow intellectual capabilities of our human resource. We are ensuring that our production mostly uses recycled materials, renewable energy, closed water circulation systems and to eliminate all unwanted hazardous materials. Our products are ensuring that hazardous welding fumes are minimized and welding slags are re-usable. We are encouraging use of effective ventilation systems to be used by welders. To be a world leader, we are continuously working to make this world more sustainable and safer.