Auto Darkening Welding Helmets

  • 580W welding helmet will automatically darken to shade: 11 which is suitable for 180Amps, when you strike an arc.
  • After finishing the task it automatically goes back to clear.
  • Solar powered & maintenance free.

670W Variable shades welding helmet with sensitivity and delay time options.

  • Lightweight & Slim design.
  • Auto adjusted to darkness in 1/20000th of a second.
  • Variable shades from shade 9-13
  • UV/IR Protection up to shade 13
  • Adjustable Sensitivity Knob
  • Delay Time Knob
  • Size of viewing area is 96mm x 40mm
  • It will cover the full face to ensure any safety.
  • Automatic Power ON/OFF

The main advantage of this helmet is that you can adjust shades from 9 to 13 with the switch fitted on the outer part of helmet.

Lightest available shade is a 4, which means you could read a newspaper at this shade. Solar powered. Maintenance free, automatically switches from the light to dark shade & it can be made to be darker or lighter as you weld. Suitable for MIG & ARC welding, for the more professional welder.