Pro-Grind<br>(Metal, Stainless Steel)

(Metal, Stainless Steel)

All purpose professional grinding solution with additional hardness of wheel. A little hard grade enhances the durability and performance. As an add-on, the disc operating life cycle also increases with the offered additional hardness.

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Pro-Grind<br>(Stainless Steel)

(Stainless Steel)

These wheels are engineered to work faster and cut or grind the harder alloys more effectively. It is designed to optimize performance on particular materials. This family also includes 'razorblade' thin cutoff wheels for right angle grinders.

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Pro-Cut<br>(Metal, Stainless Steel)

(Metal, Stainless Steel)

An excellent all purpose cutoff solution with good life, heavy duty 1/8" thick, for fast cutting. It performs good on ferrous metals, stainless steel and other alloys. Pro-Cut is specified under Ax24 for extremely rugged and hard working.

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Pro-Cut<br>(Stainless Steel)

(Stainless Steel)

Extra fast cut, razor thin 1.0mm as well as heavy duty 2.5mm cutoff wheels for rugged and hard working. The razor thin 1.0mm has fastest cutting action on sheets, pipes, rods, profiles of Cast Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy steel and many more.

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LION offers a full range of general purpose metal and concrete specs, as well as a number of grades designed for specific materials.


These versatile wheels are designed to perform on all ferrous metals, including stainless steel and other alloys.


The specialized A30Q stainless wheel will work faster, and will cut or grind the harder alloys more effectively.


Designed to resist the “loading” of aluminum residue on the grinding wheel that can impede the grinding action.


These wheels incorporate abrasive grains that cut more aggressively in foundry applications.


Grinding in the root pass, and weld bead grinding can be performed using the same wheel. The wheel can also be used for combination cutting and light grinding of all ferrous metals.


Silicon carbide grain facilitates fast cutting and grinding on all concrete, brick and block applications.

Designation according to EN 12413

42 A 24 R BF 80
1 2 3 4 5 6

Wheel type and center shape

  • 41-Cut-off wheel, flat center
  • 42-Cut-off wheel, depressed centre
  • 27-Grinding wheel, depressed centre

Grade (wheel properties)

  • The hardness is graded from soft to hard bymeans of letters (A to Z).
    Medium: M, N
    Medium hard: P, Q, R
    Hard: S, T

Abrasive type code

  • A = Aluminum oxide
  • C = Saloon carbide
  • Z = Zirconia alumina grain


  • BF-Fibre-reinforced resinoid
    bond, woven or non-woven

Grit size

  • Coarse: #20, #24
  • Medium: #30, #38, #48, #54, #60
  • Fine: #70, #80, #100, #120

Maximum operating speed

  • In m/s

Safety Recommendatinos