Bigger and easy to read high contrast gauges for clarity. Scale and red tick mark to indicate actual service pressure. Color Coded Knobs indicate gas type. Significantly designed for better ease when adjusting the gas pressure by user. High Strength alloy bonnet with nearly twice the yield strength of brass. Lower profile regulator with less knob stick. Adjusting Spring pretested for quality assurance.

Safflame Oxygen Regulator

Model Gas Outlet
SS O 3.5 2G Oxygen 3.5 Bar
SS O 10 2G Oxygen 10 Bar

Safflame Air/Nitrogen Regulator

Model Gas Outlet
SS N 10 2G AIR / NITROGEN 10 Bar
SS N 750 2G AIR / NITROGEN 52 Bar
SS N 1500 2G AIR / NITROGEN 105 Bar
SS N 2500 2G AIR / NITROGEN 170 Bar

Safflame Argon Regulator

  • Gas: Argon/Argon Mixtures
  • Description: SS Arg 10
  • Outlet: 25 Bar










Safflame Co2 Regulator

  • Gas: Carbon Dioxide
  • Description: SS CO2 10
  • Outlet: 25 Bar
  • 220 VAC, 1 ph.










Safflame Acetylene Regulator

  • Gas: Acetylene
  • Description: SS A 1.5 2G
  • Outlet: 1.5Bar