• Three phase, inverter AC/DC TIG, pulse TIG and DC MMA, fan cooled
  • Power indicator
  • Thermal protection
  • Digital display







IntelliTIG 315I Pulse / 400I Pulse / 500I Pulse

  • Industrial IGBT inverter DC HF TIG, TIG pulse, stick welder
  • Power indicator
  • Thermal protection








  • TIG only welder
  • Single phase ,portable IGBT DC TIG welder , light, portable, fan-cooled
  • Smooth DC output, HF arc-piloting,built-in gas pre-flow, gas post-flow is adjustable, allow ±20% power supply fluctuation and generator friendly







IntuitiveTIG 400/500

  • Inverter AC/DC Pulse TIG Welder
  • Advanced IGBT Tecnology
  • Smooth AC/DC output, 2T/4T, gas per-flow, gas post-flow, cleaning ratio, pulse frequency, AC frequency adjustable
  • Digital Display
  • Stepless Current Setting
  • Capable to use Foot Pedal Control